Мастер-классы в Калифорнии. США. 09.06. 19г — 13.06.19г. и 14.06.19г. — 18.06.19г.

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Slava Korolenkov – two amazing 5 days workshops in Walnut Creek! Welcome to our Impressionist Painting Workshop with Russian artist SlavaKorolenkov! Our workshops will take place in Walnut Creek and its surrounding.2 sessions available:- June 9-13, 2019 – Landscape painting- June 14-18, 2019 — Figurative painting and Still lifeOur instructor Slava is not only a talented artist and teacher, but also awonderful person. He is an artist who creates friendly atmosphere and generouslyshares his secrets and inspiration with students. His teaching style is flexible,clear, and inspiring. We provide English translator for training sessions to helpSlava.»We will work in the open air from 10:00 to 16:00 with a break for lunch. I will sharemy experience of how to achieve the truth and novelty in your paintings. I am not goingto teach you how to paint. However, I will teach you how to see. To see the nuances ofcolor and tone. You will paint in your own style, which will develop and improve. I willstart every day of our training with painting a demo. While I paint the demo, I’ll share mysecrets with you. Then you will start working on your own paintings under mysupervision. All technical questions will be discussed in the group that will be created forseminar participants» — Slava Korolenkov.Information about artist:Slava Korolenkov studied at the Moscow State Stoganov Academy of Arts. Hegraduated with honors and became a member of the Artists Union of Russia. As hisbiggest influence he considers famous Russian artists M. Vrubel, Valentin Serov,Konstantin Korovin as well as French impressionists. Slava’s work is knownworldwide, and he is represented by private collections in Japan, US, Germany,France, and Russia. In 2012, Slava began teaching workshops across the world.Please note that the number of places is limited! The schedule and places will bediscussed with the participants and provided several days before the beginning of theworkshop. Don’t miss the great opportunity to improve your skills and develop yourpersonal style. If you love plein-air or figurative painting, please join to our group!

Contact information: Olena Matskiv

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